Returners programme

Mazars offers a supported return to those who have taken career breaks and are looking to return to the workplace. The support is available to those who have taken career breaks of 18 months coming from financial services, accountancy or professional services background and who were ideally at manager level or above prior to their career break.

Our supportive coaching offering will provide those on the programme access to one-to-one coaching providing a confidential and safe space. The returners will be supported to thrive when they return to the workplace. Mazars offers flexible working, part time, as well as full time opportunities, and the returners supported coaching will give individuals the opportunity to balance lifestyle commitments as well as developing and progressing their career.

Eligibility criteria:
- Taken a career break of 18 months or over
- Were ideally at manager and above pre career break

“I was completely daunted about returning to work after almost 10 years being away from a professional environment. However, my advice to those returning to the workplace would be to have confidence in yourself – the experience you gain out of a work environment is still valuable. Technology may be different, the people may be different – but these are all challenges you can overcome, and these are a piece of cake compared to juggling home life and learning about raising children (as was my case!)”

Miranda Smith – Professional Development Senior Manager

“It has been quite the journey to return to the professional services environment after a 4.5 year career break. It takes courage, self-belief, support and encouragement from those around you…everyone I have met so far at Mazars has been supportive and inclusive in making me feel welcome”

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Arlene Wewege – Risk Consulting Manager