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With a diverse background and education spanning Belgium, Ghana, Nigeria, and the UK, I have been fortunate to be exposed to a wide range of cultures, perspectives, and economies. Growing up in different countries, I developed a deep appreciation for diversity and an ability to adapt to new environments.

What initially attracted me to Forvis Mazars was not only their reputation as a leading global firm with a strong commitment to excellence and professional development, but also the fact I could immediately get a sense of how friendly and supportive its ecosystem is.

The opportunity to work alongside talented professionals from diverse backgrounds in a collaborative and dynamic environment stood out for me. Additionally, Forvis Mazars’ emphasis on innovation, client-centred approaches, and commitment to making a positive impact in the communities they serve, align perfectly with my own career goals and values.

Applying through the 10k Black internship programme

After graduating, I was looking to improve my general employability skills and gain some further experience. When searching for opportunities online, I found the 10,000 Black internship programme and jumped at the chance to apply. It aligned with my values and aspirations to address the underrepresentation of Black individuals in various industries, offering opportunities to develop a range of skills through training, mentorship, and valuable industry connections.

Through the programme I joined Forvis Mazars in the Investment team. I was then offered the opportunity to extend my internship with a rotational placement in the Financial Planning team. This gave me the chance to experience different areas of the service line.

What originally interested me about finance was the dynamic nature of the field and its ability to make a tangible impact on businesses, individuals and economies. The intricacies of financial markets and investments, and the potential to help individuals and organisations to make informed financial decisions and navigate complex financial landscape fascinated me and inspired me to continue pursuing a career in finance.

The internship experience

During my internship, I was blown away by how incredibly supportive and approachable people within the firm were. I felt I could ask any question and I was given the opportunity to network and explore other areas. The experience taught me the importance of taking ownership of your own personal development and reaching out to other team members.

The 10,000 Black Interns scheme offers underrepresented individuals the chance to explore diverse career opportunities in the financial services profession.  While there’s room for improvement in broader representation, the firm is making strides with initiatives like the internship scheme to bring in diverse perspectives and ideas.

Joining Forvis Mazars as a permanent employee

After completing my internship, I knew I wanted to permanently work at Forvis Mazars. The culture is amazing, plus there are real opportunities for growth. So, I was delighted when I was offered a full-time role in the Deals & Financing team.

My role involves a lot of financial analysis and evaluating spreadsheets at a comprehensive level, which is something I have always found interesting. It’s important to me to try to understand the business I’m working with, as we’re working with high profile clients in such a fast paced and dynamic environment. There are always opportunities to evolve, and the role is always challenging me.

My advice to anyone, is to not box yourself into one area. Try to connect with as many people as possible; take opportunities to network; seek mentoring opportunities and look at joining our networks.

Communities at Forvis Mazars – REACH

I joined our REACH (Racial Equality Allyship Cultural Heritage) network, which has been really beneficial and helped me connect with colleagues from across the business. The network supports race equality and inclusion within Forvis Mazars and the wider community, whilst equally focusing on understanding and sharing our different perspectives and experiences, challenging any preconceptions, collaborating, and celebrating our diversity.

Since joining the firm, I’ve actively taken part in collaborating across their network channel and assisting in increasing awareness of the network to new graduates and those joining as part of 10,000 Black Internship program.

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