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Hi, I’m Molly.

My Forvis Mazars story started in the Business Services Team in Learning and Development, providing support to our trainees and school leavers. It was great to talk to those going through their courses about what was going well as well as what wasn’t and then working together to find solutions. However, I found myself wanting a new challenge.

I knew the culture here was a good fit for me, so I decided to explore an internal career move. The firm was really supportive, and I was able to move over to the Management Consulting team. This was great as it meant I could continue developing my career in a business I loved and move into a role that focuses on partnering with our clients in challenges they are facing and support in areas where our clients’ organisations can be reinvigorated and enhanced.

As well as the great work I’m doing within Management Consulting, I’m really passionate about supporting internal wellbeing initiatives. The reality is, we spend a huge amount of our time at work and it’s important to be able to do your best and bring your whole self. That’s why I joined the ‘Aspire’ wellbeing stream, which aims to ensure everyone feels psychologically safe and supported in the workplace.

I have had the opportunity to grow and progress within my career, and, because our team is so diverse in their interests, background, and expertise there is always someone to learn from. I love the variety of projects and challenge my work provides.

The fact that Forvis Mazars has this strong, positive culture, is what makes me most proud to work here.


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