Manager – Innovation

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I’ve always been passionate about innovation. From science competitions at school to hackathons, developing new things has always been exciting.

I was working at a competitor firm when I heard about the plan to create an innovation team at Forvis Mazars. I was excited by the entrepreneurial culture and the opportunity to build things from scratch. To take a project through from an idea generation to its execution.

To make innovation happen you need people who share that mindset – and people here are really enthusiastic about the opportunities created by new technology.

One year on, we’ve achieved a lot already. My proudest moment was launching our new AI solution for Tax. I took the initiative, and it got huge visibility across the firm.

On another project, we helped to cut down the admin and paperwork for HR teams associated with the end of a colleague’s probationary period. Something that used to take 48 hours now takes 15 minutes.

We’ve also created an innovation engine – a reusable process for colleagues and clients that drives the end-to-end ideas process. It uses design thinking to inspire creativity, bring in subject-matter expertise and develop ideas through to prototype and minimum viable product, with strict levels of governance.

Our team is expanding rapidly – and we are working on projects alongside teams in the US, Germany and Hungary. We’re fostering a confident, agile culture of innovation and experimentation across the firm.

Forvis Mazars has created the opportunity for me to flourish. The tech you need to innovate. An entrepreneurial, learning culture. And the empowerment and exposure to grow.


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