Executive – Sustainability

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My job is all about helping Forvis Mazars to make a positive impact.

We do that through charity partnerships, environmental stewardship and most of all, raising awareness. It’s vital that all our people understand the key topics and targets on sustainability. That way we can make better decisions and help our clients to do the same.

So my job involves building relationships with lots of different teams, including Community Champions and Green Champions in local offices. We get a lot of support from across the firm - everyone is really passionate about it.

That’s what caught my eye when I was looking for a new role. You could see the passion through the annual sustainability report. The global team is also driving a lot of valuable change too. They’ve established a sustainability foundation course for everyone. It gives people the resources and tools to learn more about sustainability, the impact and how businesses need to change. 

Forvis Mazars encourages people to step outside their roles, join different networks and gain broader experience. I’m part of the Social Mobility Network. Through our partnerships, team members are able to visit schools, educate young people about business and broaden their career horizons.

I’d never worked at a large organisation before. I was surprised that it has such a friendly, family feel. I always feel connected, even though I work at home several days a week.

We have monthly All-Team webinars so no matter where you’re working, you always feel part of the team. My favourite part is always the personal story at the end.

I recently got to share my story, during PRIDE month. Everyone was so supportive and it highlighted the firm’s passion for people.

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