Senior – Tax

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My story is all about friendship. While I was studying law at university, a friend of mine was working here and loved it. So, when I graduated, I did a month of work experience with the team, and I was so excited to work here permanently.  

So, I asked my team leaders about how to apply for the graduate scheme for that year.

I’m very passionate about Forvis Mazars and the amazing people who work here. We work as one big team, managers are accessible and you always feel free to ask questions and swap ideas.

We share our to-do lists and ambitions so we can support one another to do our best.

Because, if we all meet our personal goals, we’ll meet our collective goals too.

My passion drives me to get involved in a lot of initiatives around culture. I sit on many committees, help run lunch and learn sessions, I’m a Community Champion and a Social Champion, and love getting involved in a wide range of volunteering activities.

Within my own team, which focuses on Private Clients, I have become the voice of the Juniors. I advise the senior leadership team on the key issues facing people at my level and I act as a conduit – sense-checking leadership ideas with junior members of the team.

There’s a huge sense of connection and belonging at Forvis Mazars and I’ve made friends for life here already.


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