Partner, Accounting and Outsourcing team.

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My story is all about seeing potential.

I joined the firm 18 years ago as a school-leaver as university wasn’t an option for me. Ever since, Forivs Mazars supported me to grow and provided an environment where I could make opportunities for myself.

I had two pregnancy breaks and came back stronger each time. At the very least, being a parent really sharpens your negotiation skills! Because of this I strongly believe in equal opportunity and social mobility.

I’m now a Partner in the Accounting and outsourcing team, and I was one of the youngest ever females to join the partnership. Forvis Mazars saw my potential and supported me to grow.

In the same way, I now help Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to grow. We help SMEs outsource their finance and accounting functions where they aren’t large enough to run in-house. Then, when they grow, we grow with them, tailoring our support to their needs at each business stage.

Everyone talks about big corporations. But privately-owned SMEs make up 99% of UK’s business sector. They are the ones innovating, disrupting and creating new markets, it’s the drive for innovation that I love.

The same entrepreneurial spirit inspired me to grow our outsourcing business. And I now work with the international team developing our strategy for growing the SME business.

I was empowered to essentially build my own business within Forvis Mazars and they believed in my potential to succeed.

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