Senior Consultant – Technology & Digital Advisory

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Purpose & me

I joined Mazars in September 2020, during the height of Covid and virtual working. It was an interesting way to start my first professional job, but it was also really positive. It took until July 2021 for me to meet my manager in real life because of lockdowns, however everyone was so supportive and worked hard to get me involved from day one.  

My background is in biology, and I knew I was interested in technology. So I joined the technology and digital advisory team at Mazars. We specialise in tech strategy, due diligence, operational resilience, disaster recovery and cloud computing. It was only a small team when I joined but it’s growing really fast.

Being on a tech-focused team, it was easy to see the importance of diversity and it’s clear that the gender balance is not right across the technology sector. At Mazars, we pride ourselves on making a difference and helping to create a fair and prosperous world, and that has to start internally.

I’m deeply involved with the gender network at Mazars. Our aim is to get more visibility for the amazing women working both in tech, and across the whole firm, so external candidates can see someone they can relate to, and be inspired by, when they think of Mazars.

I’m passionate about all kinds of diversity, but I can relate most to issues around gender. I work on firm-wide initiatives like International Women’s Day and Menopause Month, which raise awareness of the challenges faced by women at different stages of life and career.

We want everyone to be rewarded and enriched by their professional life. And we’re always trying to find new ways to give people the flexibility and balance they need. The senior leadership have been so supportive and if you have an idea, they’re incredibly positive. They’ll help you think it through and empower you to make it happen. 

Working at Mazars has made me feel like I have a greater sense of purpose. That my work makes a difference – helps the economy and builds a stronger world. I worked alongside one of the associate directors to develop a digital readiness assessment tool that’s now been put into practice. We used it for a client recently and it’s great to see your ideas come to life like that.

So much of that sense of purpose comes from the collaborative way we do things. Feeling part of a team is a really big thing. And even though we're remote, I still feel like I've got a huge support network.

I can message anyone across the firm, and they will do their best to help me. It gives you a real feeling that we're all working towards the same goal.

We recently merged two departments and I worked with a partner to create a series of sessions where people from different teams presented various projects. It helped us understand one another, fosters collaboration, and gives us the knowledge to look for similar opportunities with our clients.

I was also a buddy for four interns. This was a great opportunity to learn about managing people and delegating tasks. It was nice to help someone develop and help them figure out what they want to do, just like the Partners and Managers have done for me.

The more I do, the more opportunities I see open up before me. It’s hard work, obviously, but I’d like to find my niche and continue developing, with the goal of being a Partner one day.

That’s Mazars & me.

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