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In this blog, Asam Malik, Lead Partner of Technology Consulting and Assurance at Mazars talks about his national team’s mission to help transform UK businesses using technology…. 

As with most new jobs, during my first few weeks at Mazars I asked myself lots of questions including ‘What can we do to attract an even broader range of multi-skilled graduates?’  

I believe it’s incredibly important not only to recruit people from traditional tech disciplines – like  computer science and programming – but also business specialists, people who can lead the way on the customer journey and experience. Be it through innovation or manging technology risk, people with a genuine interest in technology and passion for using tech to help transform businesses for the better will thrive in this environment!  

I’m convinced that teams perform better when they are made up of a variety of people from a diverse range of professional and personal backgrounds. Especially tech teams as they have skills that can translate across almost every business and any language or culture worldwide.  

Currently my national UK team of more than 50 people consists of chemical engineers, start up founders, teachers, barristers, and project managers from countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, France, Spain Portugal. Turkey, Romania, Portugal, Pakistan and India to name a few.  As the team grows – I have big plans to double headcount in the next 12 months to meet client demand – I’m sure we’ll be joined by colleagues from an even broader scope of countries.  

Another question front of mind was ‘’How do we equip graduates with a solid foundation and understanding of the tech world?’  

For a start, we’re now giving every graduate who comes on board the Technology Consulting and Assurance team the opportunity to earn and learn through a fully funded Digital and Technology Solutions Professional Degree.

The course covers a wide range of knowledge and skills, which is important as we don’t have a rigid team setup, so all our grads and experienced hires work across all sectors and services we provide including Cyber Security, IT Audit, Data Analytics, IT Consulting. Subsequently, graduates will be carrying out a broad scope of work ranging from ethical hacking and IT Strategy development to helping clients implement robotic-process automation.  No one day is ever the same and our Graduate Programme is designed to work across all tech disciplines to produce a consultant that know all aspects of technology!   

The variety of the work is why I personally joined Mazars – plus I was excited to have scope to build a market  leading technology team that can help transform business via innovation  but also help protect them against the increasing technology risk they are facing.  

We’ve already made great progress on this agenda, and I can’t wait to welcome more graduates and experienced professionals to the team to go on this exciting journey with us! 

Look out for the next in the Technology Consulting and Assurance series where one of our graduates will share insight into their role at Mazars…. 

*Mazars Technology Solutions offers a broad spectrum of services, covering cyber security, IT advisory, data analytics, IT audit, IT operations, programme assurance and forensic technologies. 

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